New, easy-to-use SnipeX is a gel-revitalizant for rifled barrels, featuring the patented revitalization technology developed by the XADO Chemical Group.  SnipeX restores/repairs rifled barrels of used firearms and even upgrades characteristics of new firearms to make them a higher-class weapon.  Packed in a handy tube, SnipeX is easy to apply and treats the barrel in just 30 shots.  With no tools, no down time, SnipeX will restore the barrel’s inner geometry from scratches, micro-cracks and spalls.  The result: drastically improved grouping, increased roundness of shots and killing power.  In addition, it will protect the barrel for up to 3,000 shots.  Tests have shown a reduction in group size from 4 inches to 1.5 inches on AK-47 rifles.  XADO (pronounced “HAH-doe” or “KSAY-doe”) is a leading European manufacturer of innovative nano-technology products, including advanced restoring chemicals for automotive and firearms industries.  For detailed information go to www.xado.us.