Tuff Products Bail Out Bandolier

When the sudden emergency arises, you have to be ready to go. The Tuff Products Bail Out Bandolier is there. Configure the B.O.B. as you choose – purchase the M.O.L.L.E. Bandolier with the PMS 5-in-Line Black Nylon Pouch (double-or-single stack magazines), the PMS 5-in-Line AR-15 Black Nylon Pouch and get the Quick Access Tourniquet Pouch. Configure your Bail Out Bandolier with Tuff Products pouches – like Kit #2 with First Aid Pouch in addition to the magazine pouches and use M.O.L.L.E.-attachment pouches you presently own. Having the Bail Out Bandolier by Tuff Products keeps the professional fully stocked with carbine and pistol magazines, a medical trauma kit or two, water and a few other basic needs for a prolonged event. Being able to don this piece of equipment in seconds and having it all at your finger-tips may be the difference in a life-saving situation. More information at www.tuffproducts.com.