The HammerHead Assault Rifle Tool

The Hammerhead Rifle Tool Company released its HammerHead Assault Rifle Tool.  The tool is designed for multiple uses on the AR-15/M16 and M4 as well as other assault rifle variants.  The center of the tool’s function revolves around a four point contact, castle nut wrench.  Manufactured from .187-inch heat-treated 1095 spring steel with a Mil-Spec black oxide finish, the tool is capable of performing most required tasks on an AR-15/M16 type rifle.

Functions include tighten/removal of the castle nut on Mil-Spec and commercial receiver extension tubes, a 3/4-inch flash hider wrench, a 3/8-inch torque wrench hole for proper tightening, a 5/8-inch A-2 style receiver extension tube wrench, and built in receiver takedown and pivot pin punch.  Additional information may be found online at