ST Kinetics Remote Weapon Station (RWS)

ST  Kinetics’  Remote  Weapon Station (RWS) is a remotely operated two-axis stabilised  weapon  station.  Equipped with  advanced  sightings and video tracking,  the  versatile  system  provides the gunner with enhanced target engagement  whether  the  platform is stationary or on the move. The RWS is available  in either single or dual weapon configuration. The wide range of weapons  that  may  be mounted include the 7.62mm Coaxial, CIS 50MG and the CIS 40AGL. The Compact Sensor Unit with a CCD day camera and cooled thermal imager  on  board enables the gunner to operate the system in day and night operations.  The  specially  mounted  Sensor  Unit  enables  the  gunner to maintain his line-of-sight with the target especially when the weapon is in super-elevation  angle.  Video  and  audio  recorder  allows  recording and playback  of  footage recorded by the gunner. Modularity of the electronics and  control  units allows flexible installation. The weapon station allows inhibit  zones  for  firing  and  motion  to be defined by the gunner or by default.  Integrated  Round  Counter  enables  the  gunner  to  access  the remaining  number  of  ammunition  for target engagement. Multiple settable target  reference  points  allow rapid slewing of the weapon station to the pre-designated  surveillance  points.  The weapon station permits automatic scanning  for  surveillance purposes. The RWS can be easily integrated on a wide range of existing wheeled and tracked vehicles. (