SHOW REPORT: ENFORCE TAC 2019 Eighth Year Sees Increase in Visitors

The 8th edition of Enforce Tac was again billed as the “International Trade Fair for Command, Control and Operational Equipment used by security agencies” was held March 6–7 at the NürnbergMesse Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg, Germany. Running concurrently and immediately adjacent with Enforce Tac 2019 was the Unmanned Technologies & Security (U.T.SEC) exhibition, with the latter including a “Summit for Drones” this year. The two 2019 events, which are not open to the general public and require documentary evidence of professional status for entry, attracted around 5,000 visitors this year, up 35 percent in numbers compared with last year. The Patron at this year’s EnforceTac was Horst Seehofer, the German Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community.

Although Enforce Tac 2019 was physically larger than ever, outside welcoming signage was on the discreet side!

The event continues to grow in size, and this year Enforce Tac 2019 relocated to the larger area provided by exhibition Hall 12. Exhibitor numbers for both events were also up 25 percent over the previous year with an excess of 304 exhibitors (243 in 2018) attending from around the world. Access to the event is via the conveniently located Messe Mitte (centre) entrance which is adjacent to the various entry points for road, metro and car parking.


The extended exhibitor focus is on law enforcement firearms, ammunition, both operational and less-lethal, ballistic accessories, optics, information and communications technologies, search and rescue apparatus and uniforms, with the latter primarily of a service nature including stab and bullet-proof vests, shields, helmets and training accessories.


To provide added value for those attending Enforce Tac, a series of presentations organized by the European Police Trainer Conference 2019 and sponsored by the Polizeitrainer in Deutschland e.V. (Police Trainers in Germany, PiD), were available to attendees that offered up-to-date briefings on subjects of current interest to police, security agencies and customs officials. Day One of the two-day program consisted of a number of presentations covering such areas as the security response to “Attacks on Nuclear Facilities,” “The Reality of School Violence,” “Use of Firearms in a Knife Attack” and “Ballistic and Wound Ballistic Aspects of Non-Lethal Projectiles”—a subject very much at the forefront of law enforcement agencies.


Day Two consisted of practical training and covered such areas as “Rescue and Evacuation from the Red Zone,” “Low Light Operations for First Responders,” and “Fighting in Urban Terrain with Short and Long Weapons,” the latter presented by B&T. AG provided an insightful briefing on the benefits and disadvantages of short-barrelled firearms and the varying ballistic performance to be expected from the use of such. Presentation commentaries were available in both German and English.


Enforce Tac has, since its inception, traditionally preceded the internationally known International Hunting & Sporting (IWA) Trade Fair also held at the NürnbergMesse Exhibition Centre, allowing those attending the former, to attend the latter, which was held over March 9–11. IWA itself continues to grow in size and popularity (vying with the U.S. Las Vegas Shot Show for size), with individual halls now being themed along specific product lines. Hall 5 remains the home of the large U.S. Pavilion (With SADJ’s booth in its usual location) but is now complimented with a growing craft-custom and utility knife area.


Show Highlights


On display was the innovative “PROTECTILE.” This less-lethal device offered by an Austrian developer (that wishes to remain anonymous) comprises a 2-inch spherical composite material projectile which fits into the muzzle of a pistol. When a bulleted cartridge is fired, the impact is absorbed internally by the projectile while at the same time, by design, only a minimal amount of energy is transmitted to the “PROTECTILE,” which then functions as a “less lethal” device. Carried in a belt pouch, the “PROTECTILE” can be instantly selected for use as an alternative less-lethal response in a rapidly changing threat scenario.

Full Conceal M3D configuration with Glock 19 Gen4 in folded position.

The folding compact M3D pistol was exhibited by Las Vegas’ Full Conceal’s booth. Full Conceal offers various models of Glock Gen4 pistols which have been modified to provide a folding pistol-grip. In the fully folded position and fitted with a large-capacity 22-round magazine, the M3D variant measures only 6.9 inches in length and 3.9 inches in height. A “Micro Conversion Kit” is also available to provide a carbine-type configuration.

M3D is shown deployed for use.

Micro Conversion Kit.


Seen for the first time at the show was the Glock 46 self-loading pistol. For several decades now, the basic Glock operating system has remained unchanged, with only the odd tweak here and there (“New York” trigger?), so it was a surprise to discover the Glock Model 46 with a rotating barrel and multi-lug locking system. Developed at the request of the German police to meet regulatory needs, the pistol has already entered service in what has become the internationally standard law-enforcement caliber of 9x19mm.

Glock 46 9x19mm with a new rotating barrel and multi-lug locking system.

The Enforce Tac visitor was also offered various briefings held in the indoor presentation area and at outdoor demonstrations, 11 in number, held at different times over the two-day show. Depending on the presenter, commentary was available in either German or English.



Show Reminder

Entry requirements: Enforce Tac has strictly defined credentials for access, which must take the form of an official identity card or written confirmation from an approved security authority. Media access is via application to the Media Centre located at the Messe east entrance (Eingang Ost). Pre-registration is available for both eligible visitors and Media.