SHOW MASTER INFO : IWA Outdoor Classics


Nuremberg, Germany


Exhibition Venue

Messezentrum Nuremberg






General Inquiries


For Media Inquiries

Guido Welk, Ariana Brandl

phone            +49 9 11 86 06-82 85

fax       +49 9 11 86 06-12 82 85


Next Show

March 6-9, 2020, Messezentrum Nuremberg



While Enforce Tac presents military and law enforcement small arms, optics, clothing and gear, the IWA Outdoor Classics showcases all outdoor products including firearms, optics, clothing and gear.




Show Food

There are plenty of food and snacks at the show. In addition, organizers have several spots for food trucks inside the courtyard. Keep in mind that the food at the show can be quite expensive.


Hotel Hints

Exhibitors usually book their hotel one year in advance. The author suggests that you try to book at least six months in advance. Airbnb is available for more reasonable prices but can be further away from the venue.


Power & Plug Types

230 volt/50Hz. Germany uses the standard European two prong outlet.


Country Warnings

No warnings at time of writing, but visitors should be aware of their surroundings in tourist and public areas.



It is generally not required to tip in restaurants and bars in Germany. Tipping is for excellent service.


Currency Type

Euro (EUR, €). Check the currency exchange rate at


A majority of hotels, restaurants and other venues will take credit cards, but having some cash in local currency is always a good idea. Personal checks are not used.


Getting Around

The subway is the main public transportation to and from the show. Uber is not available but there are taxis available in the city. Taxi drivers understand English even some of them may not be able to speak fluently. Most taxis accept credit cards but they may ask for cash if it is a short trip.


You can use Taxi app called “MyTaxi” to request for a taxi or call



Nuremberg offers a wide variety of restaurants, bars and shopping for both men and women. Brands such as Hermes and Michel Kors have their own stores in the shopping district of the city on Kaiserstraße.


There is the St. Lorenz Church in the city center. Reichsparteigelande (Nazi Party Rally Grounds) is another famous location for tourists.