Partner 2009

The Republic of Serbia’s Military Technical Institute had a large display and one of the items they featured was the Milica robot. This wireless controlled robot can be remotely operated from up to 500 meters away and is designed to defend areas against main battle tank assault. The shown weaponry are two M79 90mm reloadable rocket launchers, but there are other options available. (

Perhaps the best known name in the Balkan region regarding military and law enforcement products is Mile Dragic Productions. MD has an amazing array of camouflage and gear for every situation, as well as high quality boots, batons, and armored vehicle programs. (

Prva Petoletka had a large display within the YugoImport area and two items stood out as very interesting. First is the MSRG-40 six-shot 40x46mm low velocity launcher that is also made in 38mm as a five shot. There were two variants of the 40mm, one for longer cartridges and one for shorter HE type cartridges only. The other was a lightweight 120mm mortar. (

Serbian suppressor designer Slobodan Orasanin had an interesting set of suppressors on display, including one for the French FAMAS F1 5.56x45mm Bullpup rifle.

Left: Nevena Jovanović, a student of Infantry, with Zastava’s M21AS rifle in 5.56x45mm. Right: Nemanja Zecević, a student of Air Defense, with Zastava’s M72B1 in 7.62x39mm.

Some of the finest munitions from 20mm to 155mm come from the Serbian manufacturing facility Sloboda. Long time readers of SADJ will remember articles we have done on their products. Their grenades for 40mm underbarrel Russian style, and the 40x46mm M203 style, as well as 30mm rounds for the AGS-17/BGA-30 are well known in the combat theatres. (