NDIA Small Arms & Symposium 2011

Dale Bohner of Heckler & Koch U.S. Government Sales was presenting the regular HK line, including the variations of the HK416. The HK416 is finding acceptability with many military and police units, and trials with the USMC have recently resulted in some contracts there. (www.hk-usa.com)

Dr. Philip H. Dater (standing) and Greg Latka (seated), two thirds of the Gemtech team, with their M240 machine gun 7.62x51mm suppressor, the G7. The G7 is also rated for the MK48 machine gun, and is only sold to Government customers. Together, Dr. Dater and Greg Latka have a combined suppressor design and manufacturing background of over 70 years experience. Dr. Dater is a frequent contributor to SADJ as well as an instructor at LMO, and he is frequently seen around the world testing and analyzing suppressor and weapon systems, as well as studying unique historical weapons. (www.gem-tech.com)

Laser Devices is well known to our readers as well, and at the NDIA show they displayed a large quantity of their products. In the foreground, mounted on the two AR series rifles, are the DBAL-A2 and DBAL-A3. These two laser units are quite popular, with the A2 unit (front) having sold over 40,000 units to the U.S. military. (www.laserdevices.com)

Mr. W. Hays Parks, recently retired as a senior lawyer (SES Equivalent) in the Office of the Department of Defense General Counsel, is as happy as can be with the LaRue Tactical Predatar 5.56mm OBR Short Barreled Rifle he is holding (He ordered one). Retired Marine Colonel Parks is a rifleman’s rifleman, is now a consultant within the US Special Operations Command structure, and is well known in the NDIA and small arms communities. He’s also a big fan of the 7.62x51mm OBR (Optimized Battle Rifle) from LaRue. The 7.62mm OBR is a 9.25lb semi-automatic rifle with 16-inch barrel, it’s gas operated using LaRue’s Port Selector Technology- a two point adjustable gas selector that allows optimum function between suppressed and unsuppressed operation. Those who want a 7.62x51mm accurate rifle should check out the OBR on the website. (www.larue.com)

Lancer Systems introduced their L5 series Warfighter magazines for the M4/M16/AR-15 system. These translucent magazines have round counter markers, rubber coated bumper bottom plates, and hardened steel feed lips molded into the body. Magazines are available in 5, 10, 20, 30 and now 48-round capacity. (www.lancer-systems.com)

The tube underneath the barrel of this M4 is the Metalstorm MAUL (Multi-Shot Accessory Underbarrel Launcher). It is a fast reload system 12 gauge shotgun that is semiautomatic from its five-shot tube, and is a unique munition concept with its stacked rounds. Operators can simply switch to a new tube for less-lethal or other effect. (www.metalstorm.com)

David Van Tassell (left) has teamed his MICOR Defense group up with legendary firearms designer Charles St. George on a new .50 caliber sniper rifle. The Leader .50 is a semiautomatic bullpup configuration rifle that allows for a full 24-inch barrel in its short 39-inch overall length. The triangular bolt head has a 45 degree rotation for locking that provides a very strong action. At 17 pounds (7.7 kgs) empty, this short package rifle is Spartan in concept and sleek in design. St. George brings his design talent to play in making the Leader .50 into a compact package for easy storage while maintaining long range, hard-hitting capability. (www.micordefense.com)

Nobles Manufacturing, Inc. showcased their premier line: the 30mm Chaingun (M230LF) on a special mount called the Sea-Viper. Nobles has been offering this incredible amount of firepower on vehicles for a ring mount application, and at 190 lbs, it brings a new level of power to the operator. The Sea-Viper, as shown, provides a scalable lethality to the user; there are 11 different weapon systems that the Viper systems can accommodate, with only 15 minutes worth of change time. (www.noblesmfg.com)