NDIA Small Arms & Symposium 2011

Mr. Richard Jones, Editor of Janes Infantry Weapons and late of the UK MOD Pattern Room and the National Firearms Centre, test fires the Polish Mini-Beryl 5.56x45mm in full automatic. The Mini-Beryl is a high-quality Kalashnikov variant manufactured in Poland by Fabryk Broni in Radom, and imported into the U.S. for military and police use by Long Mountain Outfitters in Henderson NV. (www.longmountain.com)

Paul Shipley from AAI Corp. stands in front of the LSAT (Lightweight Small Arms Technology). This new to the planet technology was fired at NDIA ranges several times now and proven in trials overseas that this author has been at. While the long-stroke, soft-recoil system makes for smooth shooting, and the rotating chamber system has in-line, push-through feeding and ejection that keeps the physics simple and reliable, the star of the show is the ammunition. AAI’s LSAT program has both lightweight cased, and caseless telescoped ammunition developed. The Cased Telescoped Ammunition is a full polymer cartridge that reduces weight by about 40%. The Caseless Telescoped Ammunition is made from a high temperature propellant, and the case is fully consumed on firing, no spent brass to eject, providing a 50% weight reduction over standard ammunition. (www.aaicorp.com)

Merriellyn Kett and Robert Walter from Airtronic USA, Inc. had their display of the two RPG-7 recoilless launcher variants they offer. Both will fire all PG and OG style grenades. Top: The MK777 is a lightweight version of the RPG-7, at 7.77 lbs (3.5kg) the MK777 allows the operator to carry an extra load of grenades. Bottom: The Airtronic RPG-7 is a U.S. made RPG-7 weighing 15.9 lbs (7.09kg) and it includes modernization features such as multiple Picatinny style rails, movable grips, detachable buttstock, and EOTech optic. Airtronic announced two contracts they are working; 4,000 pieces of the MK777, which they are doing in cooperation with ATK, and 7,000 pieces of the RPG-7. (www.airtronic.net)

Ares, Inc. has produced the TARG (not shown), which is a .50 caliber Telescoped Ammunition Revolver Gun, which is single barreled with a special ammunition, and the EPG, Externally Powered Gun in 7.62x51mm (shown). The EPG is a 24vdc driven machine gun that feeds with standard M13 disintegrating links from right or left hand, with a rate of fire that is variable up to 650rpm. The complete EPG gun assembly weighs 27.6 lbs, and it is shown in the Ares remote firing weapon station. (www.aresinc.net)

Beretta Defence was showing their ARX160 (top) 5.56x45mm assault rifle, and GLX160 (bottom) 40x46 grenade launching module. At present, the ARX160 can be offered in any of four calibers: 5.56x45mm, 5.45x39mm, 7.62x39mm, and 6.8x43mm. The grenade launcher can be used either on its stand-alone mount, or attached onto the ARX160 rifle. In the center of the photo is a Surefire suppressor mounted to a PSR sniper rifle. (www.beretta.com)

GD-ATP has their new .50 caliber (12.7x99mm) machine gun, the XM806 (not shown) is a product to be proud of, its passed a lot of military testing to date. The MK47 Mod 0 Striker 40x53mm weapon system was the showpiece in their display. The Striker adds more portability to the unit as this system can be packed in by three men with special packs made by Eagle. The firearm itself weighs 39.6 lbs (18 kg) as opposed to the 77 lbs (35kg) of the MK19 Mod 3. Range is the same, but accuracy and portability are much improved. The MK47 uses any 40x53mm ammunition, as well as the new airbursting and programmable ammunitions they are developing with Nordic Ammunition Company. (www.gdatp.com)

While Knight’s is known for their rail systems and the MK11 Mod 0 suppressed sniper rifle and the U.S. M110 SASS suppressed semiautomatic rifle system that is the current choice of many of the U.S. military, they have a lot more to offer. In this photo, the front firearm is the Knight designed PDW that uses the Knight designed 6x35mm cartridge. To the right is the famous Stoner 86 light machine gun, also called the Ares LMG, and in it’s new incarnation, this Stoner/Knight design could well be a contender for the next SAW. NDIA members who go back to the old ADPA days will remember C. Reed Knight, Jr. holding this LMG up overhead, one-handed, and dumping a 200-round belt downrange while the LMG sat there straight as could be. Knight’s night vision and blended technology thermals are in the center. (www.knightarmco.com)

Mike Grandy from Command Arms Accessories hold’s the Roni pistol carbine conversion unit with Glock 17 pistol installed in it. On the table is a Roni with SIG P226 installed. The Roni adds a carbine capability to an officer’s handgun, by steadying the stock and adding more features that lead to accuracy at greater distances. (www.commandarms.com) and (www.ematactical.com)