MGM Targets Recon

MGM Targets has announced that they are releasing their new ReCon Target. This is the only pneumatically driven, self contained auto-reset target on the market. This portable target, which weighs 81 pounds, uses a compressed air cylinder to deliver the power necessary to reset of the target after it has been hit. This MGM proprietary target system resets the target in a matter of seconds to the full upright position. The target uses a 12” wide X 22” high X 3/8” thick target face made of AR500 grade steel to stand up to heavy fire usage for many years. The target operates in a wide range of temperatures and is ballistically capable of withstanding all standard small arms ammunition. An adjustable reset control allows the shooter or instructor to speed up or slow down the reset timing on each target. The cylinder, self contained in the ReCon Target box, averages about 450 cycles per full cylinder. The cylinder is very easy to replace and can be changed in a matter of seconds. A separate shield protects the inner workings of the target to help protect it from fragmented munitions.