Machine Gun Memorabilia – Volume 3, Number 2

Canadian Boyle’s Yukon Motor Machine Gun Detachment cap and collar badges. The cap badge features crossed Vickers under the King’s crown and a prospecting pan below the guns marked ‘Y.T.’ (Yukon Territory) and a real gold nugget affixed to the pan. The rear is maker marked ‘Gaunt London.’ The collar badges are maker marked to the rear, ‘Jacoby Bros. Vancouver B.C.’ Boyle’s Yukon Motor Machine Gun Detachment was raised on November 6, 1916 and arrived in France on March 25, 1918. It was absorbed into the new 2nd Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade as ‘C’ Battery.
Swedish Army machine gun marksmanship badge made of sterling silver. To the center is a Schwartzlose M07/12 water-cooled machine gun. Pinback.
German World War I veteran’s neillo (black enameling) sterling silver ring. The central image of Maxim MG08 water-cooled machine gun on sled mount is gold washed. Inlet on the shank to the left and right are the words ‘Welt‘ and ‘Krieg‘ (World War). Maker and hallmarked on the inside of the ring.
Ornate gold inlayed presentation projectile of the 1 pound ‘Pom-Pom’ Maxim round. Made in 1898, it features the English coat of arms and ‘Vickers Sons & Maxim.’