LAAD 2009

Al Thiago Gomes is quite pleased with the US Ordnance MK43 Mod 0 (M60E4 variant) that DSA brought to LAAD 2009. (
Tactical Electronics had a remarkable display of remote and discreet camera systems as well as optic remote devices. These included under-door cameras, pole cameras, helmet cameras and video fiberscopes for tactical use. (
CAA Tactical from Israel had a sampling of their accessories for the AR-15/M16, the AK47, MP5, and Remington 870 systems, including a variety of lightweight, sturdy tactical buttstocks and foregrips. (
The Ares Remote Weapon Station with M2HB .50 caliber machine gun (12.7x99mm) was demonstrated as a naval mount, and the representatives concentrated on the very fast target acquisition that is possible with this mount. (
CEL Haroldo with Imbel’s MD97 select fire rifle in 5.56x45mm, with the EOTech 552 mounted on it.
Imbel’s M911A1 BR1 pistol is available in .45 ACP, .40, and 9x19mm variations. (
DSA’s President, Dave Selvaggio, proudly displays his hallmark rifle, the SA58 OSW. This is a 7.62x51mm NATO (.308) FAL derivative design that utilizes all of Dave’s experience with the FAL and condenses it into a reliable, short barreled, entry team sized package. (
Milkor from South Africa presented both the long cartridge and standard version of the six shot MGL launchers in 40x46mm, allowing for the use of medium range 40mm rounds in the MRGL variant. (
FN's M3M high rate of fire .50 caliber (12.7x99) machine gun that is currently in operation in a number of countries.
FN's SCAR-H program with 40x46mm Grenade module. (Worldwide: In the US:
Indian Ordnance Factories presented their line of 84mm ammo for the M2 and M3 series Carl Gustav recoilless rifles, along with many other products from aircraft to artillery. They had no INSAS rifles or other small arms on display. (
The British Military display at LAAD 2009 was focused on promoting products that the UK military has found particularly useful. From observation drones to drinking water filters, the Brits were on top of discussing the various products with visitors. The British have recently adopted Saab-Bofors’ RB57 NLAW shoulder fired anti-tank rocket system, which delivers accurate, effective shaped explosive charge in either a direct fire or overfly manner. (