IndoDefence 2010

Pindad's SS2-V2 is the newest select-fire design from Pindad, with a new upper lower design and action. It has an effective range of 400 meters from its 403mm barrel.

Pindad's SS Bullpup is a new take-off on the SS1 series of rifles, adding full length barrel to a shorter configuration 5.56x45mm.

Tucked inside the display of ammunition and mortar rounds is Pindad’s 50mm SM (Silent Mortar). This is a short, spigot type mortar inside a containing tube that utilizes special silent ammunition. It weighs 3-4 kg, and has an effective range of 400 meters.

SS2-V1 is the newest select-fire design from Pindad with a new upper lower design and action. It has an effective range of 450 meters from its 460mm barrel.

PT. Bina Putera Sejati is the Indonesian group that represents IWI (Israel) in the Indonesian military arena. The newest Israeli arms were on display; from the Tavor and Tavor-C bullpup 5.56x45mm rifles, The X-95 convertible Tavor that can be in numerous configurations including a 9x19mm SMG, and the Negev 5.56x45mm light machine gun. The Indonesians have been using the famed Galil 7.62x51mm sniper rifle, and are preparing to trade their older model snipers for the newest Galil sniper configuration. It is essentially the Israeli ‘Galatz’ with upgraded materials. (Email:

Nexter’s Narwhal 20A is a 20x102mm automatic cannon that is remotely operated. With a rate of fire at 750rpm and a 200 round fixed magazine, the Narwhal provides accurate firepower with gyro stabilized day/night opto-electronics.

LaCroix is a French company specializing in defense pyrotechnics and they provide many air and sea based defense items. Their full line of law enforcement and military pyrotechnics was on display, with smoke, dispersion, tear gas, pepper, sound and distraction as well as military grenades. (

While the South African manufactured NTW-20 is offered in 20x110mm, the two primary calibers the NTW 20 is offered in are the proprietary 20x82mm and 14.5x114mm (the KPV/ZPU-2 cartridge). Armored and soft targets can be engaged by the NTW 20 using the quick change-over between barrel and ammunition types. The high explosive capability of the 20x82mm makes it extremely effective in a counter-sniping role and against mortar and rocket launcher emplacements. The efficient recoil management system reduces the high velocity recoil thus making the system very user-friendly without tactical restrictions. The recoil system consists of an efficient muzzle brake, a spring buffer and a hydraulic damper. The barreled action is free to recoil in the frame of the weapon. (

STTAL is an Indonesian group that is working with many defense projects. Shown is their day/night remotely operated weapon station for the MAG-58/M240 series 7.62x51mm machine guns. (

Swiss company Vectronix had the NightSpot 50 clip on night vision sight along with their regular product line. NightSpot 50 can be quickly attached in front of day scopes or other optics and provides a 7 degree field of view at 1x power. (

Trijicon’s Australian team had a very active booth and they were very positive about selling into the Indonesian military market. Megi “Egi” Astria here is showing the TA31-RMR to Indonesian Army Captain Zaenal Arifin. (