IDEX 2011

Chinese company PolyTechnologies had the standard FN-16 and the longer range (5,500 m) FN-6 portable air defense missile weapon systems on display, but not the newer Q-series models. (

CNO Tech in South Korea has added many modern magazines to their manufacturing, as well as extending their environmentally safe clay technology to not only the training hand grenades, but to the 40x46mm grenade launchers. (

Colt Defense is solidly back to the front with their innovative new rifles, and their worldwide presence. It’s been refreshing over the last few years to see what the Colt R&D crew has been turning out. Check out their IAR. (

The RBS70 Short Range Air Defense Missile System is readily disassembled for transport and set up, and the SAAB personnel were demonstrating as we visited. This laser-beam riding guided missile has a range from 200 meters to over 8,000 meters and a maximum velocity of Mach 2. The warhead is a combination with around 3,000 tungsten spheres and a shaped charge. (

Schmeisser’s AR platform is evolving into 9mm SMG and DMR sniper-type rifles. Their parts are billed as the ‘Enhanced Performance Parts’ and they can fill you in if you contact them, too many improvements to list here. (

The Viper system from Nobles Manufacturing, Inc. is very popular now, and the 30mm M230LF chaingun is perhaps the most popular version, but there are 11 different weapons that can mount on the platform, including MK19 and M2HB. (

FWS supplies detailed weapon storage solutions to military and LE customers. They have a variety of expandable and stackable storage racks as well as weapons cabinets, carts, and transport chests. (

Ukrainian company UKRSPECEXPORT had a large pavilion exhibiting many of their products. Three sections of interest to the small arms community were the wall of AKs and shotguns, the Fort 14 suppressor/pistol in 9x19mm, and the ‘Skif’ man-portable anti-tank missile that uses a tandem shaped charge with a range of 100-5,000 meters, and a penetration of 800mm of armor. (

Croatia’s Agencia Alan offers full lines of locally made weapons, munitions and gear. Indigenous firearms offered include the RT-20 20x110mm single shot sniper rifle with a range of 2,000 meters; Type HS handguns offered in 9x19mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, and .45 ACP; The Type VHS bullpup 5.56x45mm assault rifle with D and K variations; and the RBG-6 six shot 40x46mm shoulder fired grenade launcher. (

The military attending IDEX were fascinated with the Steyr-Mannlicher HS-50 sniper rifle and its 1,500 meter range with .50 BMG (12.7x99mm) ammunition. At 12.4 kg (28.5 lbs) this single shot, bolt operated rifle has a small size for maximum punch. Steyr’s new generations of the venerable AUG 5.56x45mm rifle were popular as well, with the AUG A3SF drawing the most attention. (

Girsan, from Turkey, had the Yavuz 16 collection, and the MC21 caught this author’s interest. In .40 S&W (13-round magazine) and .45 ACP (9-round magazine), the MC21 was comfortable to grip and sight, so this new model bears watching. (

The Modiar group of manufacturers from Azerbaijan is working hard to reach the world market, and they are set up at many shows worldwide. Some of their traditional offerings are welcome due to low world supply, so the small arms ammunition is reaching the end users now. The belts, boxes, and blank cartridges are good market starters as well. Modiar is offering 30x29mm cartridges for the AGS-17-AGS-30 family of automatic grenade launchers, including training ammunition; VOG-25 series grenades for the front loading Soviet style under-barrel grenade launchers; and 60mm, 82mm, and 120mm mortar ammunition. The Azerbaijanis offered for SADJ to visit and test weapons, so as soon as we can arrange, we will bring you the reports. We’re especially looking forward to testing their 14.5x114mm long range sniper system. (