IDEX 2011

POF is one of Asia’s premier small arms factories, and they had their MG3 machine gun, as well as the full line of HK style weapons and munitions for RPG-7, SPG-9, cannon and mortar. POF’s director, General Dar, was on hand to meet with the official delegations, and SADJ had the opportunity to sit with him and prepare for our factory visit, so we hope to bring a full review of their products to our readers. (

Greek electro-optical manufacturing company Theon had a full range of their night vision related products. Theon also has a full maintenance/rebuild facility for NV gear. Left to right: NS-357A 3X NV sight, NS-467 4X NV sight, NS-685 6X NV Sight. (

Kriss had their Vector .45 ACP submachine gun with Defiance HPS4GSK suppressor mounted (front) and the same with no suppressor (rear). They launched their Sphynx 2011 at SHOT Show in Las Vegas and the Compact gun 3000 series – 2nd model in .45 ACP stainless steel with standard wood grip (shown). (

Not only does Truvelo Armoury manufacture the Neostad 12 gauge shotgun, but their innovative sniper systems come in six calibers including 14.5x114mm and 20mm. (

Opticoelectron Group manufactures many different optics for mortars and RPG type systems, but their quick detach MNV-50 Night Vision optic that mounts swiftly in front of their MGO-7VMU optic was a real exciting new product. (

Turkish manufacturer Yuksel brought their “Roboguard” remote weapon station. The system shown utilizes a 7.62x54R PKM machine gun as a main weapon, and a 7.62x39mm AKM as a secondary. The system can be ordered for a variety of firearms use. (

San Francisco-based ATN Corp showed their PS22 1x optical night vision unit that adds on or off of the BAM rail for quickly switching your daytime optic to night vision. (

Three of Carl Zeiss’ special optoelectronics. (Left to right) Hensoldt ZF3-12x56 with IRV-600 TWS; NSV 600 Night Vision with 4x30: NSV1000 Night Vision with Hensoldt ZF6-24. (

Benchmade knives presented several interesting pieces. (Top): This 3800 series automatic knife has a hidden secret - push the textured Kraton grip at the top and the sculpted drop-point blade with serrations snaps out. Invisible to see, the blade opens as a regular lockback as well. (Bottom): 8BLKH safety cutter has excellent leverage for pulling through belts. (

Canadian Gerhard Baur and his wife Renate were in the new exhibitor’s section with a nice display of their custom 1911 series pistols, as well as the CS-50T .50 BMG (12.7x99) rifle and perhaps most interesting, the AR-338 semiautomatic rifle that is an AR style platform in .338 Lapua Magnum. (

ATK’s two most relevant small arms type systems were both in larger caliber: the MAWS Modular Advanced Weapon System with a 30mm M230LF chaingun, and the XM25 airbursting shoulder fired grenade launcher. MAWS can be set up with any weapon system from 7.62 M134 Miniguns to M2HB .50 caliber to the 30mm M230LF as shown. The XM25 now has five units in combat in Afghanistan and the reports are promising; the troops are calling it ‘The Punisher.’ (