IDEX 2009

Yugoimport's M21 Black Arrow anti-material rifle in 12.7x99mm (.50 BMG) was shown fitted with a ballistic computer. The Black Arrow is also available in 12.7x108mm caliber.
Bazalt was one of several Russian ammunition companies exhibiting. Shown here is a selection of rounds for the generic RPG-7 series of rocket launchers.
The Russian Federation Rosoboronexport group of companies included V.A. Degtyarev. Shown here is the V.A. Degtyarev 6S8 (6C8). The 6S8 is a bull-pup design, bolt-action, magazine-fed, anti-material or sniper rifle. Chambered for the 12.7x108mm cartridge and with weight of only 12.5 kg, the rifle is designed for use with the 7N34 (7H34) sniper cartridge and with fitted optical sight. An accurate, repeatable range of 1,500 meters is claimed.
The two major Bulgarian arms producers were at IDEX 2009, namely Arcus and Arsenal. Optical sight manufacturers were also present. Arsenal showed the 7.62mm NATO conversion for the MG-1 (PKM).
The German defense industry was well represented. Shown is the Dynamit Nobel Defence stand with a wall display of its anti-armor and anti-structure munitions.
Bumar Group is sponsoring the new Polish made MAG pistol, shown here in 9x19mm.
The Chinese defense industry presence was very large and several small arms producing consortiums were in attendance.
The Chinese QLZ87B appears to be derived from the earlier QLZ87.