Enforce Tac Show Master Information


Nuremberg, Germany


Exhibition Venue

NürnbergMesse Exhibition Centre






Exhibition Service Team

+49 9 11 86 06-80 00

F +49 9 11 86 06-80 01


Next Show

March 4–5, 2020, NürnbergMesse Exhibition Centre



Enforce Tac provides the latest developments from the world of law enforcement, security and tactical solutions and opportunities to establish new field contacts. The annual show offers accompanying workshops and conferences that appeal to security experts from the police, judiciary, border protection, customs, military police or armed forces.


Enforce Tac has strictly defined credentials for access, which must take the form of an official identity card or written confirmation from an approved security authority. Media access is via application to the Media Centre located at the Messe east entrance (Eingang Ost).



Business casual.


Hotel Hints

There are hotels close to the underground train stations, private apartments, rooms or homes to rent, and even a campground at Knaus Campingpark which is within walking distance of the exhibition centre. There are several hotels located near the exhibition centre. For further accommodation information, contact Nürnberg Tel +49(0)9 11.86 06-80 20, Fax +49(0)9 11.86 06-84 47, or hotels@nuernbergmesse.de.


Power & Plug Types

230V/50Hz, use an adaptor.


Country Warnings

Be advised that increased caution should be used in Germany due to terrorism threats. Visitors should be aware of their surroundings in tourist and public areas and have an emergency plan.


Cultural Hints

Nuremberg offers a wide variety of restaurants, nightlife and shops along with its many historical sites.



Tipping ranges from 5% for small orders to 10% for good service at restaurants. The 10% rule is mostly aimed at restaurant bills of 10 euros or more.


Currency Type 

Euro (EUR). For conversion rates use www.xe.com.

According to TripAdvisor, some hotels, restaurants and other venues will take credit cards, but by far the majority does not. When shopping or consuming anything, it’s always wise to ask in advance; otherwise you’ll be expected to pay in cash. Personal checks are no longer used in Germany.


Getting Around

Attendees can get to the venue by train and car. Fast trains such as the ICE, IC and EC regularly call at the centrally located Nuremberg Central Station. From the Central Station, the U1 underground line towards Langwasser-Süd gets you to the “Messe” station in eight minutes. You can easily call up these and all other local transport connections to the exhibition centre Nuremberg via the VGN (Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg GmbH) connections search.

All underground stations are at least equipped with a lift that goes directly from platform level.


By car use the motorways A3, A6, A9 and A73; you can access the exhibition centre directly via a well-developed network of feeder roads. Simply enter the special destination “Messe” or the address “Karl-Schönleben-Strasse, 90471 Nürnberg” in your navigation system as the destination. In Nuremberg, a modern traffic and parking guidance system shows you the way to the exhibition centre. It responds dynamically to the current traffic situation and directs you to one of a total of 14,000 parking spaces at the exhibition centre via clear access roads.


Taxis can take you from the airport to the exhibition centre in approximately 25 minutes, costing about 27 Euros or $33 per journey. Rental cars are available at the Nuremberg Airport from many familiar companies such as Avis , Hertz and Sixt.


Military Museums

Military Garrison Museum located in the former air raid shelter “Hohe Marter” is devoted to the military history of the region, from the Free Imperial City (to 1806), the Royal Bavarian Army (to 1918), the Reichswehr (to 1933) and Wehrmacht (to 1945) to the U.S. Army and the Bundeswehr of the present era.

The museum illustrates military life with weapons, uniforms and objects related to military organization, as well as with large-scale dioramas (including a segment of a 1916 trench, a 1944 command post and a room in a Bundeswehr barrack).



Nuremberg has plenty to offer for sightseeing. Dutzendteich Lake is right next to the site of the exhibition centre where locals meet for pedal boating or in-line skating, stroll along by the lake or relax in the beer garden. Walking tours of the city and medieval sites are available. And for those interested in history visit the nearby former Nazi party rally grounds or the largest cultural museum, the Germanisches Nationalmuseum or see Memorium Nuremberg Trials Court 600, the courtroom where the original Nuremberg trials were held. Here you can visit the permanent exhibit in the Palace of Justice which focuses on the background to, course of and legacy of the Nuremberg trials.