Elbit Systems Long View CR

Elbit Systems has announced the launch of Elbit Systems Electro-Optics. Their new Long View CR provides an innovative combination of target acquisition and observation capabilities. The Long View CR is extremely lightweight and cost effective as it combines a very long-range continuous optical zoom FLIR, long-range day cameras, integral eye safe laser range finder, GPS and a magnetic compass all in one compact configuration. For dismounted operations, the Long View CR is operated on a miniature electronic goniometer enabling high azimuth and elevation accuracy. Enhancing the company’s portfolio of high quality target acquisition and observation systems, Long View CR is considered among the lightest long-range targeting acquisition systems available on the market, weighing less than 12.5 kg. The advanced system can be carried in a backpack or mounted on a vehicle, making it especially suitable for long-range Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) missions performed by Special Forces, Forward Observers (FO) in stationary observation posts or reconnaissance vehicles. With its proprietary algorithms and technologies, the Long View CR has the unique ability to acquire long-range targets or to observe small targets, such as enemy fighters, in high spatial resolution under severe visual conditions day or night. For more information visit www.elbitsystems.com.