Cannon Scout Series Safes

The new Cannon Scout Series is a full-featured safe that offers trademark Cannon quality, security and good looks.  With solid fire protection, rugged construction and a wide variety of features including a state-of-the-art internal power supply system, the Scout is the ultimate value for storing your prized possessions.  The Scout Series features a massive four-inch steel composite door, surefire multiple re-lockers, truelock internal hinges and one-inch active-locking bolts.  Rugged uni-body construction provides superior protection and each safe is predrilled for bolting to the floor.  Safe contents are accessed with a high-security commercial grade Type 1 electronic lock that is protected with three layers of extra-hard 60+ RC steel hard-plate.  The Scout Series has a verified fire rating of 1,200° F for 30 minutes and features a triple fin intumescent cold smoke expandable seal that expands when exposed to heat.  A state-of-the-art internal power supply system with two 110 power outlets, USB port and RJ45 Ethernet connection keeps computers and other electronics charged and connected.  The safe’s interior shelves, walls and inset door panel are beautifully finished with high-grade upholstery.  The Scout Series is available in seven different sizes with hammer-tone black or hammer-tone gray premium paint.  Cannon is proud to be the only safe company to offer a lifetime, hassle-free, zero cost warranty.  If a customer’s safe is ever damaged due to a fire, natural flood, or burglary Cannon will cover all costs including locksmith, freight, etc., to repair or replace the safe, even if the owner is not the original purchaser.  You can contact them at