Arms & Security 2011

The rifles in Fort's sporting section were all modified original Russian AKM variants with select fire markings. The rifles have had semi-auto internals installed. Front to rear: FORT-201 with under-folding stock; FORT-205 with wood stock; FORT-206 with M4 style collapsible stock; FORT-201 with under-folding stock.

The FORT-201 is the AKM with under-folding stock. These were excellent to new condition original Russian rifles. Note the marking change.

FORT is also tied heavily to IMI/IWI in Israel in cooperative ventures in the Ukraine, and they had the Tavors (FORT-221 & FORT-224), Galils, Galil snipers (FORT-301), and the Negev light machine gun in 5.56mm there (FORT-401). FORT employees told SADJ that they were planning a full production of the Negev 5.56x45mm belt fed, under license. One reason, of course, is trying to comply with NATO ammunition use.

FORT’s variants of the Galil show modernized rail systems, and a Ukrainian made suppressor for the Galil 7.62x51mm sniper rifle (FORT-301).

FORT-12 is offered in 9x17mm Browning Kurz (.380 ACP) or 9x18mm (Makarov). This blowback operated semiautomatic pistol is single or double action. The weight is 0.83 kg (29.28 ounces), barrel length is 95mm (3.74 inches) and has a magazine capacity of 12 rounds in either caliber.

FORT-21.03 is offered in 9x19mm. This pistol uses a semi-automatic short recoil system and is single or double action. The weight is 870 grams (30.69 ounces), barrel length is 112mm (4.41 inches) and has a magazine capacity of 16 rounds in both calibers.

FORT-21.02 9x19 with suppressor. This standard full round handgun is popular for tactical operators, with threaded over-length barrel the sound suppressor can be attached as shown. Not shown here: the FORT-14TP “Tactical Complex” in 9x18mm (Makarov) or 9x17 Browning Kurz (.380 ACP) is delivered for tactical users with the FORT-4 sound suppressor.