American Technologies Network OTS-32 & OTS-64

American Technologies Network, makers of military, law enforcement, security and outdoor night vision and thermal applications, introduce the OTS-32 and OTS-64; the digital multi-purpose thermal imaging system for shooting sports enthusiasts to law enforcement and private security. Built around state-of-the-art uncooled thermal imaging technology, with integrated DSP-based electronics, in a compact and lightweight construction, the new OTS-32 and OTS-64 are versatile monoculars that can be used as a handheld, helmet-mounted or weapons-mounted thermal imaging device. They provide excellent image quality through total darkness, fog, smoke and other visual obstructions. Total darkness, camouflage or bright lights will not affect the sensitivity of these units. It features four different reticles with choice of reticle color: black, red, green or white. A Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny rail with Quick Release Mount makes the OTS-32 / OTS-64 instantly mountable on a variety of weapon systems. The ATN OTS-32C / OTS-64B fast imaging video frame rate is 30Hz and the OTS-32D / OTS-64A enhanced imaging video frame rate is 60Hz. More information can be found at