New Products: Volume 6, Number 4

HK Launches New Striker-Fired V9 Pistol Heckler & Koch has just introduced its new striker fired pistol, the 9mm VP9 to the commercial and law…

New Products: Volume 6, Number 3

Bullseye Camera System Announce Remote Targeting Viewing The Bullseye Camera System is a unique patent-pending system that allows a shooter to view his downrange target…

SchleTek Gun Care Products

SchleTek, a German chemical company operating throughout Europe, has recently offered a line of premium gun care products. Our evaluation of this product was taken on with a degree of enthusiasm – as most things German are expected to be outstanding – and we were not disappointed with the outcome. We only tested four of the nine products offered to get a feel for the performance of these chemicals. We were impressed with the four products we tested and assume that the others we did not test will be equally impressive.

AUSA 2013

Examining and trying to appreciate the latest greatest technology being promoted at the near countless booths at a show the magnitude of AUSA, one underlying question must be answered. What does any particular technology mean to fighting and winning? Small arms technology can be categorized into the following areas – weapon material construction, operating systems, fire control and sighting….

Putting the AX PSR Through its Paces

The Accuracy International AX PSR was developed to compete in USSOCOM’s solicitation H92222-09-PSR2 for a “Precision Sniper Rifle” on 15 January 2009. The essence behind this solicitation and the numerous amendments that followed resulted in a final request for a modular rifle that could be quickly transformed from a 7.62mm to a .300 Winchester Magnum to a .338 Lapua Magnum….

MSPO 2013

At this year’s 21st International Defence Industry Exhibition (MSPO is an acronym from Polish name of the fair: Międzynarodowy Salon Przemysłu Obronnego), almost 25,000 square metres of exhibition space was the showcase for 400 companies from 23 countries. It is a tradition of the MSPO to designate the Leading Nation, which has a national pavilion to promote its defense industry’s capabilities. This year was Turkey, which signified two important anniversaries in Polish-Turkish….

Revision Military Batlskin Cobra Helmet

While military or law enforcement budgets often fixate on high end equipment procurement, it is the unspoken rule that trained personnel are the real commodity in any organization. There are multiple companies involved in producing ballistic protection systems. This business competition has not only spurred R&D, but also lowered the cost making it available to a wider range of clients besides the military; such as law enforcement, private security, and individual citizens. A leading ballistic protection….

The DS Arms FAL

With the creation of NATO, several programs were put into place for militaries of these nations to have some sort of compatibility. One part of that would be standardization of small arms ammunition. Throughout the NATO countries numerous calibers and different types of weapons were being used. The United States had great influence in the NATO ammunition trials, or it could be better said, they drove it. Even after World War II and the success of the StG44 Sturmgewehr or assault rifle, NATO countries….

IWI Negev NG7 Cal. 7.62 NATO

The NG7 is a light machine gun (LMG) operated by a gas system called “gas impact.” The firearm starts the shooting cycle with the open bolt to avoid cook-off after prolonged fire. When the trigger is pulled the bolt, that is locked in a full rear position, is released and starts to go forward pushed by two compressed recoil springs. During its travel a cartridge is taken from the belt, chambered and the bolt, thanks to its locking lugs, engages the corresponding lugs in the barrel extension and locks. The bolt carrier, in this phase, keeps going forward….

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Spyderco Pacific Salt

The Pacific Salt shares size, basic blade design and handle ergonomics with the Endura, but this generation was purpose built to survive maritime environments. Most notably, Spyderco forged their 3.8-inch PlainEdged blade out of H-1 Steel. (Steel generally consists of iron alloyed with carbon, (1050 usually around 1% carbon by weight as opposed to H-1 with .15%). The Carbon provides hardness and strength, but carbon steels corrode easily. Stainless Steels also add manganese, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, boron, and vanadium….

TADTE 2013

The only military trade show in Taiwan, the Taiwan Aerospace and Defense Technology Exposition was held from August 15 – 18, 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan. As the premier opportunity for the Taiwanese Ministry of Nation Defense to highlight equipment and capabilities, the show was hosted at the Taiwan World Trade Center, in the shadow of the Taipei 101 skyscraper. Although the show was a means to highlight and display of Taiwan’s military might, a number of international exhibitors were present to show off weapons….

Steyr Mannlicher HS .50 and HS .50 M1

Steyr Mannlicher is located in the town of Steyr in Austria. Josef Werndl founded the “Josef und Franz Werndl & Comp Waffenfabrik und Sagemuhle in Oberletten” and subsequently the Steyr Werke AG of which Steyr Mannlicher was a division. In 1885 the Austrian Hungarian army accepted a new bolt action rifle designed by Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher from whence came the Mannlicher name….

Cheytac Thor Anti-Materiel Rifle

In order to understand the .408 Cheytac anti-materiel rifles, it’s important to start with the cartridges. The .408 cartridge was originally produced by two different companies – Tactical High Energy Impact Solutions (THEIS) and Lost River Ballistics Technology – both defunct as of this date. The parent cartridge was a .505 Gibbs; developed in the early 1900s (1911?) as a dangerous game cartridge originally firing a 525 grain bullet at 2,300 feet per second for 6,180 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. Very effective on anything that walked….


Maneuvering with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency at night as well as in daytime requires situational awareness, target classification and target identification capability. Cooled thermal imagers provide superior range performance and large field of view at night and in adverse weather conditions, with a compact design and sensitive detectors with high resolution together with large depth of focus. As part of the Soldier Modernization Program IdZ, the Federal Armed Forces of Germany implemented a cooled thermal sight for infantry weapons….

Sirarms SIR40-24: The First All-Italian Experimental Sniper Platform

The corporate symbol for Sirarms rifles is the halberd; a two-handed pole weapon (5 to 6 feet long) that consists of an axe blade topped with a spike mounted on a long shaft with a hook on the back side of the axe for grappling mounted combatants. For over two centuries, the halberd was one of the most valuable tools of war in use among soldiers, a weapon that allowed them to be able to withstand cavalry charges, unseat the attackers and counter attack. The emotional appeal to its effectiveness in the field therefore makes the brand mark….

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The SIG Sauer MK25 Pistol

In the early 1980s a requirement came down from the U.S. Army for a new pistol that would replace the legendary but well aged M1911 pistol. With the new NATO standardization, the new pistol would be chambered in the 9x19mm NATO cartridge: hence the beginning of the XM9 program. This would be entered by several manufacturers including Smith & Wesson, Colt, FN, H&K, Star, Beretta and SIG Sauer. After the testing was done and the reports were in, there were only two left standing: the Beretta 92F and the SIG Sauer P226….

Eurosatory 2012

Eurosatory – the largest military and small arms defense show in Europe opened June 11 – 15, 2012 to exhibitors from more than 60 countries. Representing small arms, medium and large caliber gun systems, vehicles, aircraft, and missiles, the exhibition was well attended by visitors from around the world….

Corner Shot

In the movies, the scary music always gets louder just before they go around the blind corner.  For operators, worrying about what is waiting around the corner can be the worst.  The Corner Shot CSM is the tool that takes that worry away, and makes the bad guys worry about what’s coming around the corner for them….

The SIG 716

At SHOT Show 2010, SIG showed their new Model 516 and 716 rifles to the industry. The 516, a short stroke tappet version of the M4 was released to compete in the military and law enforcement markets both world wide as well as the U.S. With the direct gas versus piston operated controversy, SIG decided everyone is making a direct gas gun, why not then make a high quality piston operated rifle to satisfy those who have the piston bug. The 5.56mm SIG 516 is an M4 carbine with the only major differences being….

The K14 Sniper Rifle

In December of 2012, the Korean company S&T Motive received a contract with South Korean DAPA (Defense Acquisition and Purchase Agency; an agency who performs all government defense purchasing) to supply 3.2 billion won (close to 3 million USD) worth of K14 sniper rifles with all optics and accessories, including training ammunition. These are for the Korean Army for delivery during 2013. This is the first time the ROK (Republic of Korea) Army has purchased a large number of sniper rifles, and the K14….

New Products: Volume 5, Number 2

Negrini srl and International Case Company are introducing the Tactica Concealed Carry line of lightweight travel and security cases dedicated to shooters and collectors of tactical weapons and handguns. Designed specifically for today’s handgun and tactical weapon shooters, Negrini Tactica CC cases hide their intended use with attractive Italian design instead of looking like typical gun cases. The Tactica CC cases also offer….

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DSEI 2011

DSEI is the largest fully integrated defense and security show in the world, featuring Air, Naval, Land and Security show content. Based in ExCeL, London every two years, the event provides unrivalled access to key markets across the globe. Combining a high quality of exhibitors across the supply chain, networking opportunities and the ability to see new technologies first hand on the show floor, DSEI provides an inspirational experience to nearly 30,000 visitors…..

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Symposia at Shrivenham: The 26th Small Arms & Cannon Symposium (Flipbook)

Our coverage of the 26th Small Arms & Cannon Symposium is now available in flipbook format, courtesy of our sister site Mac/PC users –>…

New Weapon on the Battlefield: .338 Machine Gun

5.56mm is the ammunition of the infantrymen who have used it for the combat at short distance since the war in Vietnam.  Its current range for battlefield use is approximately 440 yards (400 m) and its performance improved with the introduction of the 5.56mm NATO whose SS 109 bullet made it possible to engage up to 650 yards (600 m).  For shooting up to 1,100 yards (1,000 m), sniper rifles and machine-guns in 7.62mm NATO are used….

Future Soldier Exhibition & Conference 2012

On October 17-19, 2012, the Future Soldier Exhibition & Conference (FSEC) took place at the Letňany exhibition centre in Prague.  It is a specific international event consisting of a military fair, a meeting of the highest level representatives of military and armament staff, and a professional conference on a specific topic – this year it was “Future of Cyber.”

Velocity Systems: Armor Protection at the Speed of Need

The see-saw battle of armor protection versus armament has been going on since the first wooden shield deflected a bone or stone tipped spear. Most people associate the knights of medieval times as the epitome of armor over armament. In Europe, plate armor reached its peak in the 16th century until the evolution of firearms brought an end to plate armor ascendancy. Research & Development (R&D) in armor protection continued behind the scenes without managing to catch up to firearm effectiveness for hundreds of years…..

Barrett MRAD .338 Lapua

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was founded in 1982 and was centered on Ronnie Barrett’s idea of a shoulder-fired .50 BMG rifle.  Many…

Modern Day Marine 2012

ABOVE: We first spotted this polymer and brass .50 caliber BMG ammo at MARCORSYSCOM’s display at MDM way back in 2009. We’re pleased to report…

Galil Ace 5.56

The Galil, the first IDF assault rifle, has been completely redesigned by IWI engineers developing a version that incorporates a fair number of improvements concerning ergonomics and materials, giving to this military classic a new operative life. When Ysrael Galil and Ya’akov Lior designed the Galil they were solving an emergency. During 1973, Israelis were equipped with the Belgian FAL in two versions: the “Aleph” model as individual weapon and the “Beth” model…

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ISDEF 2011

This was the fifth year in a row that the ISDEF show was put on in Tel Aviv.  It shows strong growth and the show has expanded from last year.  What started out as a show sponsored by large contractor TAR Ideal Concepts, Ltd. to gather their associates and customers together, has turned into a small but increasingly world class event.  We booked SADJ in for 2013’s show, of course.  The promoters have decided to switch to an every two year format, like many other military shows.  This gives the attendees time to work on their contacts and prepare for the next show….

ASDA 2013 – Armalite AR-30A1

ASDA is a compact, focused exhibition held every two years in beautiful Split, Croatia. SADJ dispatched a video crew during this month’s 2013 edition to give some of the show’s most influential and innovative exhibitors a chance to showcase their products right here on

ASDA 2013 – HS Produkt VHS-2 & XDs

ASDA is a compact, focused exhibition held every two years in beautiful Split, Croatia. SADJ dispatched a video crew during this month’s 2013 edition to…

IWA 2013 – SIG SAUER (Video)

IWA OutdoorClassics is a massive yearly exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany that focuses on the latest gear for hunters, recreational shooters, law enforcement officers and soldiers….

IDEB 2012

International Defence Exhibition Bratislava is organized every two years in Bratislava, the capital of Slovak Republic.  Under the auspices of the Slovak President, Prime minister…

AK-12: An All-New (Yet Old) Kalashnikov Rifle

The Russians still say that the 65 year old Avtomat Kalashnikova would soldier on for decades, yet they are painfully aware that it’s getting out of touch with modernity – despite numerous modernizations. That’s precisely why they created the AK-12, or 5th Generation Avtomat Kalashnikova, presented in January 2012. The AK-100 series successor wasn’t created overnight – the first models were already evaluated by 2009. The new rifle even got designated then as the AK-200 – but still arguments abounded whether that should be another modified 100-series rifle….

IWA 2013 – Aimpoint CompM4s and Micro T-1 (Video)

IWA OutdoorClassics is a massive yearly exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany that focuses on the latest gear for hunters, recreational shooters, law enforcement officers and soldiers….

IWA 2013 – B&T Advanced Police Carbine (Video)

IWA OutdoorClassics is a massive yearly exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany that focuses on the latest gear for hunters, recreational shooters, law enforcement officers and soldiers….

IWA 2013 – Leupold Mark 6 Riflescopes (Video)

IWA OutdoorClassics is a massive yearly exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany that focuses on the latest gear for hunters, recreational shooters, law enforcement officers and soldiers….

IWA 2013 – Barrett MRAD (Video)

IWA OutdoorClassics is a massive yearly exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany that focuses on the latest gear for hunters, recreational shooters, law enforcement officers and soldiers. SADJ dispatched a video crew during this month’s 2013 edition to give some of the show’s most influential and innovative exhibitors a chance to showcase their products right here on….

IWA 2013 – Trijicon CCAS (Video)

IWA OutdoorClassics is a massive yearly exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany that focuses on the latest gear for hunters, recreational shooters, law enforcement officers and soldiers. SADJ dispatched a video crew during this month’s 2013 edition to give some of the show’s most influential and innovative exhibitors a chance to showcase their products right here on….

IWA 2013 – Spyderco Street Bowie & Starmate (Video)

IWA OutdoorClassics is a massive yearly exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany that focuses on the latest gear for hunters, recreational shooters, law enforcement officers and soldiers. SADJ dispatched a video crew during this month’s 2013 edition to give some of the show’s most influential and innovative exhibitors a chance to showcase their products right here on….

Asia Pacific China Police Expo 2012

As a rising superpower, China has entered the arms trade show circuit since 2002.  The sixth Asia Pacific China Police show was held on May 22-25, 2012 in Beijing China.  Situated within the China National Convention Center, the show is located within the Olympic Park Complex.  The National Stadium (also known as the Bird’s Nest) and the National Aquatics Center (also known as the Water Cube) are within the same complex….

Armalite’s AR-10A

At the 2012 SHOT Show, ArmaLite introduced their new and long anticipated AR-10A family of rifles. This is an AR-10 that uses the standard magazine rather than the proprietary M14 based magazine that the ArmaLite AR-10B rifles have used since their introduction in 1995. To trace the history a little, the ArmaLite AR-10B series was introduced to the commercial market in 1995, which was one year after the infliction of the 1994 assault weapon ban that prohibited production of magazines that held more than 10 rounds for commercial purposes. Former U.S. Army Ordnance officer and President of ArmaLite Mark Westrom had a dilemma on his hands while….

SHOT Show 2013 Recap

FAXON Firearms today unveiled their new complete upper receiver for the AR-15 series of rifles. Called the ARAK-21 it features a flat to upper Picatinny…

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The 4th Generation Glock: New Standards for Perfection

Debuting in 1982, Glock has revolutionized the foundation on which military and law enforcement handguns sit.  Glock pistols not only revolutionized the material in which military grade pistols are manufactured but the sheer market share they hold is nothing short of amazing.  Entering the market as a polymer frame firearm with the fewest parts of any firearm of its kind with utter reliability and dependability, Glock….

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M27, Part Two: From BAR to IAR – How the Marines Finally Got Their Infantry Automatic Rifle

Friends and foes of the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon in the U.S. Marine Corps’ infantry fire teams have been engaged in often fierce verbal firefights dating back years before this innovative light machine gun entered Leatherneck service; soon after the Army adopted FN’s MINIMI in 1984. While the reasons for this are many and varied, astute observers often cite two main points of contention: Advocates of belt fed weapons like the M249 admire their relative portability and high volume of fire…

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Tuff Products Bail Out Bandolier

When the sudden emergency arises, you have to be ready to go. The Tuff Products Bail Out Bandolier is there. Configure the B.O.B. as you…

Viridian CTL Compact Tactical Light

Viridian Green Lasers, maker of the world’s most advanced laser sights, is now shipping the highly anticipated CTL Compact Tactical Light: the world’s smallest weapon-mounted…

Bushnell 2X MP

Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry-leader in high performance sports optics for more than 60 years, has introduced a new electronic sight with two power magnification….

Brite-Strike DLC

Brite-Strike Technologies is the established innovator of tactical lighting solutions and tools for police, military and civilian operators. Brite-Strike now offers the DLC (Duty Light…

American Technologies Network OTS-32 & OTS-64

American Technologies Network, makers of military, law enforcement, security and outdoor night vision and thermal applications, introduce the OTS-32 and OTS-64; the digital multi-purpose thermal…

ARES Defense ARES-16 AMG-2

ARES Defense Systems, Inc., the country’s leading manufacturer of innovative, mission-configurable firearms and accessories, has released the groundbreaking ARES-16 Advanced Weapons System for military and…

Revision Military Batlskin System

Revision Military, a world leader in protective soldier solutions, announces the much anticipated retail debut of its Batlskin Modular Head Protection System. Designed for use…

Leupold Mark 6

Leupold Mark 6 1-6x20mm The all-new Mark 6 1-6x20mm scope was engineered based on years of elite riflescope making expertise in order to deliver relevant…

Crimson Trace 1911 Lightguard

Crimson Trace today announced the release of their eagerly-anticipated addition to their Lightguard platform for Kimber and S&W 1911 pattern pistols. The new weapon mounted…

Spyderco Matriarch2

The Matriarch2 traces its lineage to one of Spyderco’s oldest and most unique designs: the Civilian, which was developed as a purpose-designed defensive tool for…

Qioptic Saker (Fused Weapon Sight)

Saker is the new Fused Weapon Sight (FWS) from Qioptiq providing the Dismounted Close Combat User with an enhanced Detect, Recognize and Identify capability. Saker…

Garwood Industries M134G

Since 2005, Garwood Industries has dramatically improved the M134 platform and systematically designed unprecedented improvements to the most critical aspects of the weapon while their…

The U.S. Marine Corps’ New M27 IAR: Part One

For the past several years SADJ has been following progress of the US Marine Corps’ program to identify and field a suitable alternative to the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.  While the 5.56mm belt fed SAW is touted as a relatively portable weapon that can pump out a high volume of fire, many of the Leatherneck MOS 0311 grunts who have been humping this twenty-plus pound package since 1985 have been asking for something lighter, simpler and more reliable….

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FN 303 Less Lethal Launcher

To appreciate the complexity of situations where police or military forces charged with peacekeeping duties utilize force, one must conceptualize force not as a static concept but rather as a continuum of responses, ranging from verbal commands, as a minor exertion of force, to deadly force, the maximum amount of force possible to apply. A use-of-force continuum relies on the concept of multiple categories of increasing officer perceptions of suspect resistance linked to similar groupings of the officer’s response to those perceptions….

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SHOT Show 2012

The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) ( is the largest and most comprehensive trade show for all professionals involved with the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries. It is the world’s premier exposition of combined firearms, ammunition, law enforcement, cutlery, outdoor apparel, optics and related products and services. The SHOT Show attracts buyers from all 50 states and more than 100 countries….

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SIG Sauer 716 Patrol: 7.62x51mm Piston-Driven AR

For a rifle to be considered versatile it must be able to satisfy multiple roles with equal aplomb. A viable rifle candidate for this title is the SIG Sauer 716 Patrol chambered in .308Win/7.62x51mm. The SIG 716 Patrol joins the growing number of AR style platforms chambered in .308Win/7.62x51mm. .308Win/7.62x51mm potency in terms of ballistics and terminal effect makes it a favorite among U.S. troops and law enforcement personnel in more rural environments. A quick look at the resurrection of the M14 and…

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Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical 300 Blackout

Remington is proud to announce the Model 700 SPS (Special Purpose Synthetic) Tactical 300 Blackout rifle. Chambered for the incredibly popular 300 AAC Blackout, this…

LMT’s LM8 Platform

Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT), an Illinois-based company that designs, prototypes and manufactures small arms, accessories and tooling components for the military, government, law…

Simmons LRF 600 TI Laser Rangefinder

Simmons, a leader in high-quality, high-value sporting optics for more than 25 years, has introduced a new laser rangefinder featuring the company’s exclusive Tilt Intelligence….

IWI Uzi Pro

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) a leader in the production of combat-proven small arms for governments, armies, and law enforcement agencies around the world has just…

Elbit Systems Long View CR

Elbit Systems has announced the launch of Elbit Systems Electro-Optics. Their new Long View CR provides an innovative combination of target acquisition and observation capabilities….

Daniel Defense’s MFR 9.0

Daniel Defense has announced plans to immediately offer a new variation of the popular MFR 12.0. The new variation of the MFR, Modular Float Rail,…

ATI Strikeforce Elite Package for AK-47

Advanced Technology International (ATI), the leading manufacturer in gun stocks and firearm accessories, announces the AK-47 Strikeforce Elite Package with Scorpion Recoil System. The AK-47…

Mesa Tactical’s KSG Shotshell Carrier System

Mesa Tactical, provider of high quality tactical accessories and gear to law enforcement, the military and civilian shooters, has announced the introduction of a SureShell…

B&T Advanced Police Carbine

The B&T Advanced Police Carbine 9 (APC9) is a rather nice blend of existing, proven design and some truly unique engineering. It is a clever and well thought out balance between time proven features, high tech production materials and manufacturing procedures to keep costs to a minimum. It is a statement to the excellence of Swiss engineering and innovation. The APC, not unlike the Glock pistol, was designed from the very beginning to be produced…

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Devil Dog Days: Modern Day Marine 2011

“…that’s going to require us to replace an awful lot of gear that’s been used very hard over the last ten years or so. We know what we need and we‘re going to work with you to get it.” – Lieutenant General Richard P. Mills, Marine Corps Combat Development Command. Mills, the three-star general who heads the Corps’ concepts and capability command, was offering a glimmer of hope to a large audience of high level defense industry representatives attending the exclusive, invitation-only Report to Industry briefing at the 2011 Modern Day Marine (MDM) Expo….

MSPO 2011

The XIX MSPO (which is the Polish abbreviation for “International Defence Industry Exhibition”) was held in Kielce, September 5-8, 2011.  For the past decade the show has grown bigger with every year, however the recent Euro crisis downgraded the growth this year.  Nevertheless, there were still 400 exhibitors from 20 countries participating in the show, with scores of foreign official visitors (including for the first….

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The Modular LMT MRP: The Rifle for Anything

For the last 15 or so years, the AR-10 has seen a rebirth from the dust on the floor of the former Ordnance Corps. With the lack of vision and judgment which would eventually be their demise and have their doors shut forever by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara “Tomorrows Rifle Today” wound up being “Today’s Rifle Yesterday!” It would be Gene Stoner who would resurrect the AR-10 from the dead with the assistance of C. Reed Knight, Jr. With the introduction of the SR-25 sniper rifle the industry would experience a shift in what a sniper rifle really was….

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Arms & Security 2011

Arms & Security Kyiv is the Ukraine’s yearly military, police, and hunting show. It is a smaller show than the big internationals, but it is well attended. The first day was a lot of Ukraine military with a smattering of Russian military as well. The next two days were comprised of military and police attendees in civilian clothing, and civilian hunting enthusiasts. There were quite a few knowledgeable people about small arms, with their orientation towards the old Communist Bloc weaponry. However, the Western influence can be seen in many designs, with European weapons…

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Heizer Defense DoubleTap Pistol

Heizer Defense LLC, a firearms company producing a new paradigm of pistols for the responsible-citizen and law enforcement markets is proud to introduce their first…

STS M240 Grip Adapter

The STS grip adapter for the M240 machine gun is a Mil-Std 1913 rail adapter that connects to the receiver’s forward mount lug with a…

ATN ThOR-320

American Technologies Network, makers of military, law enforcement, security and outdoor night vision and thermal applications, is introducing the latest product in their ThOR series…

Trijicon SRS

The profile length of the new Trijicon SRS is short and the advanced list of features is long, as the innovative products continue from Trijicon. …

Smith & Wesson M&P15 in .300 Whisper

Smith & Wesson Corp. announced that the Company has added a new extension to its Military & Police (M&P) Rifle Series with the introduction of…


New, easy-to-use SnipeX is a gel-revitalizant for rifled barrels, featuring the patented revitalization technology developed by the XADO Chemical Group.  SnipeX restores/repairs rifled barrels of…

Hornady Critical Duty Ammunition

Law enforcement and tactical professionals now have a truly advanced, 21st Century handgun ammunition solution that delivers the most consistent and reliable urban barrier performance…

Del-Ton TRX (Flat Dark Earth)

Del-Ton Incorporated is now shipping its new DTI TRX AR-15 rifle in flat dark earth as well as matte black.  This “loaded” 16-inch semiautomatic rifle…

Beretta’s ARX160SF: Evolution & Modularity

Afghanistan, November 13, 2011: A gang of armed Taliban terrorists hold 18 hostages in the Kabul offices of Esko International, a North American company specializing in food distribution. Task Force 45, the intervention unit of the Italian Armed Forces composed of elements taken from Italian Special Forces units; storm the building in a well coordinated, multidirectional, simultaneous attack. The raid of TF45 ends with the liberation of all the 18 hostages and the total elimination of all the terrorists winning attention and praise from the international Special Forces community for the perfect way they executed their mission….

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NDIA Small Arms & Symposium 2011

The NDIA Small Arms Symposium is an all inclusive show regarding small arms, ammunition, and related subjects for military use. It is in three parts: the primary is the lecture series, then there is the trade show/exhibition, and finally, the live fire demonstrations….

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IDEF 2011

The 10th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF) was sponsored by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation under the auspices of the Ministry of National Defence on 10-13 May, 2011. The show was held at the Tuyap Fair, Convention and Congress Center in Büyükçekmece-İstanbul, Turkey, and had record turnouts. The majority in attendance was Turkish military and procurement, and the foreigners were typically influential buyers and end users from over 104 countries. There were 633 exhibiting companies from over 45 different countries. This, the 10th IDEF, shows remarkable growth from the already well attended earlier shows….

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Armalite’s Super SASS

Early in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq it was clear by the entire sniping community there was a need for a new updated sniper rifle.  Modern semiautomatic rifles show little to no accuracy degradation from the traditional bolt action rifles used throughout the last century.  The use of a semiautomatic sniper system not only would provide the snipers with their existing capabilities but so much more.  Snipers could engage five targets in at least half the time it would take a sniper with a bolt action rifle.  Also, the snipers ability to engage multi-targets is vastly increased….

Partner 2011

The fifth bi-annual PARTNER Serbia show was held over the course of four sunny days in Belgrade, Serbia in late June 2011.  The show has grown considerably since the first show, as well as from the previous one in 2009 (reported on in SADJ Volume 3, Number 1), having now moved into the largest of the exhibition halls in Belgrade Fair.  Expectations are that the 2013 show will have grown significantly from 2011, both in vendors and attendees.  YugoImport is the co-promoter of the show and the various factories they represent take up a significant portion of the floor space….

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IWI X95: A Bullpup For IDF Special Forces

A direct derivation from the TAR-21 Tavor bullpup rifle, adopted in 2003 by the Israel Defence Forces, we are going to introduce to SADJ readers the version designed for the Sayeret (Special Forces) units, a shorter and more modular rifle that, in case of need, can be converted into a SMG. The TAR-21 project in Ramat Hasharon was started in 1995 when the Israeli company name was still IMI (Israel Military Industries)….

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Industry News Brief: FN Herstal to Display at Singapore Airshow

Photo © FN Herstal, S.A., Belgium (Herstal, Belgium) – February 6, 2012. For the first time in Asia, FN Herstal, a world leader in small arms…

FN Herstal’s Fire Control System (FCS)

We recently tested the new FN Fire Control System (FCS) at the Zuntendaal proving ground in Belgium.  The FCS can be fitted on a Picatinny…

Lancer Systems Carbon Fiber Handguards

Lancer Systems LP, an engineering and manufacturing group specializing in plastic composite and fiber optic technologies, introduces the Lancer Systems Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Handguard (LCH) for…

Thompson Machine’s Poseidon Suppressors

Thompson Machine’s Poseidon series of sound suppressors represent something truly new on the sound suppressor market. While most 9mm and .45 ACP pistol suppressors are…

AdeQ Firearms Company’s Vigilum Tactical Pistol

The Vigilum is the first handgun offering of AdeQ Firearms Company. It is a full sized, 1911 style pistol with the following features: rail system,…

Larson Electronics Explosion-Proof Manhole Light has announced the release of an innovative manhole mounted light fixture to its explosion proof lighting inventory. The Magnalight MMLP-1MLED Temporary Manhole Mount Light…

Revision’s Soldier Systems Helmets

Revision has now officially expanded into the Soldier Systems helmet business with a significant 3-year contract to develop the U.S. Army’s next-generation head protection system….

Primary Arms Compact 3x Scope

Primary Arms has just introduced a new compact 3x power scope. The new scope features a field of view that measures 35 feet at 100…

5.11 Tactical Duty Packs/Pouches

For a covert officer, being at the top of their game means blending in until it matters most.  5.11 Tactical knows that “under cover” is…

ASDA 2011

The City of Split, Croatia, was an excellent choice for a show in the region. The April weather is wonderful, the sights are breathtaking, the people are hospitable and the accommodations and expenses are very reasonable. Split is located on the Dalmatian Coast of the Adriatic Sea, and the Croatian heritage is influenced heavily by millennia of interaction with Italy, just across the Sea. Split is also centrally located to many of the regional military groups, making it readily accessible and providing a good flow of attendees….

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LAAD 2011

LAAD Brazil has grown in leaps and bounds over the last decade and today it is a formidable contender as a top Latin American military trade show.  We find it second only in size to the FIDAE show in Chile but that’s not a fair comparison, as FIDAE has a massive airshow attached.  Attendees and the 600+ exhibitors alike were pleased with the large turnout (24,000 people and delegations from 53 countries) that….

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Quicksand: Gemtech’s 7.62 NATO Lightweight Quick-Detach Sound Suppressor

The new Gemtech Quicksand sound suppressor, now available for purchase, is used on 7.62 NATO rifles and utilizes a patented quick mount system.  It can be fastened securely in only two seconds and at only 17.5 ounces in weight it is the lightest quick-detach .308 suppressor available….

The Armalite AR-10T

The reintroduction of the AR-10/SR-25 in the early 1990s re-revolutionized the use of semiautomatic rifles as sniper/tactical rifles. The direct gas system combined with the eight-lug rotating bolt and a free floating barrel made this system sub-MOA with little difficulty or maintenance. Although the AR-10 was discarded nearly 50 years ago by a biased and self serving….

Command Arms M4S1 Handguard

Command Arms Accessories/EMA Tactical is proud to announce their M4S1 M16/AR-15 Carbine Handguard System which sets the standard for a stable and rigid design by…

SIG Sauer P250 Subcompact

SIG Sauer, Inc., manufacturer of commercial, law enforcement and military firearms, introduces the latest version of the P250 Modular Pistol System, the P250 Subcompact with…


EHP (Electronic Hearing Protection) announces the addition of the new EHD- MC1 to their line of sound amplification/hearing protection products.  The EHD- MC1 is the…

Bushnell’s Elite 1600 ARC

The new Bushnell Elite 1600 ARC Laser Rangefinder offers outstanding pinpoint precision, ruggedness and optical quality in a compact, easy-to-use device.  The Elite 1600 ARC…

LaserMax Gen4 Glock Guide Rod Laser

LaserMax has now announced the release of a Guide Rod Laser to fit the Gen4 Glock models 26 and 27 subcompact pistols.  With the addition…

Cannon Scout Series Safes

The new Cannon Scout Series is a full-featured safe that offers trademark Cannon quality, security and good looks.  With solid fire protection, rugged construction and…

ISSC-Austria’s Desert Tan MK22

ISSC-Austria, exclusive importer and distributor of the M22 range pistol, proudly announces the introduction of the ISSC Modern Sporting Rifle in Desert Tan; the MK22…

JetBeam Tactical Lights

JetBeam, a Chinese company, has introduced two new tactical lights: the BC 40 and the BC 20.  Both lights feature Cree LEDs and adjustable front…

AUSA 2010

The Colt CM901 weapon system proved to be a popular destination for many attendees. AUSA 2010 proved to be a great success, with attendance by…

Uhlan 21: The Polish Future Soldier Project

Designing “Future Soldiers” space-age suits of armor with TV and other creature comforts has been a popular fad since 1950s, but only in the last decade have such projects significantly moved from concept into the mainstream. Latest advances in microelectronics, mechanics and ergonomics, coupled with shifting the emphasize from the tanks and missiles back towards individual soldier as a result of the end of the Cold War and in accordance with the ‘asymmetric warfare’ doctrine, brought about Future Soldier projects popping up everywhere….

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Sharpshooter: The UK’s New L129A1 7.62x51mm Rifle

A soldier from the 1st Battalion the Scots Guards looking through the scope of his Sharpshooter rifle. Members of B Company, the 1st Battalion The…

Surefire Mini and Micro Muzzle Devices

All SureFire suppressors attach over the muzzle of an AR-15/M16 (shown here on an M4) via a muzzle brake/flash hider that replaces the factory bird…

ST Kinetics Remote Weapon Station (RWS)

ST  Kinetics’  Remote  Weapon Station (RWS) is a remotely operated two-axis stabilised  weapon  station.  Equipped with  advanced  sightings and video tracking,  the  versatile  system  provides…

BLACKHAWK! Dynamic Entry’s Mini Deployment Kit

BLACKHAWK! Dynamic Entry now offers the Mini Deployment Kit.  This compact and portable entry kit was created based on the unique demands patrol and tactical…

Raptor’s Safe-T Wipes

Raptor Safe-T Wipes have been specially formulated to immediately detect explosives and provide a simple colorimetric indicator for the user.  The wipes work on a…

LaserMax Genesis

LaserMax has now announced the debut of Genesis, a compact, durable green laser with a rechargeable battery.  The highly visible, pulsating green laser from LaserMax…

McMillan’s M3A Rifle

McMillan has now expanded its tactical line with the introduction of the McMillan M3A rifle.  The M1 platform has seen renewed interest as a close-range…

Battle Arms Development’s B.A.D.A.S.S.

Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector (B.A.D.A.S.S.) is a new selector for the AR-15/M16 series of rifles.  The new selector is not only ambidextrous but…

Kel-Tec’s KSG

Kel-Tec has just announced the introduction of its new bullpup-style shotgun called the KSG.  This previously rumored shotgun is now a reality.  The KSG is…

Barrett M107A1 Rifle

Barrett, a company internationally known for providing high-end firearms, optics, and training, introduces to the commercial market the next generation of the U.S. Army’s M107…

BAE Systems M777

Weighing in at less than 4,200 kg, the revolutionary M777 is the world’s first artillery weapon to make widespread use of titanium and aluminum alloys,…

Bushmaster ACR Adaptive Combat Weapon System

The sample rifle was extremely accurate with Silver State Armory 69grain OTM ammunition. Groups hovered between 1” to 1.5” @ 100 yards. At the 2007…

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FN SCAR 47GL / MK 17

The 40mm grenade launcher has seemingly become ubiquitous in the catalog of modern rifle manufacturers.  It seems that no catalog is complete without a 40mm…

MGM Targets Recon

MGM Targets has announced that they are releasing their new ReCon Target. This is the only pneumatically driven, self contained auto-reset target on the market….

3D Scanning by Tilling Consulting

Tilling Corp. is a Tactical Systems and Weapons Design Firm that provides product design and development, 3D scanning and rapid prototyping, for the military, law…

FN Herstal’s deFNder Medium

The deFNder™ Medium is the latest addition to the FN family of remote weapon stations. It has been designed to fulfill the force protection mission…

SureFire’s 60/100rd Aluminum Magazines

SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, is proud to announce the release of its hi-capacity 60- and 100-round (STANAG 4179) aluminum…

Lucid Variable Magnifier

Lucid announces the world’s first variable (2x-5x) magnifier for red dot sights. Available soon from Lucid, to shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement personnel and other armed…

Wilson Combat’s Whisper Titanium Suppressor

For over a decade, Wilson Combat has been testing dozens of the competitor’s suppressors looking for the best match of noise attenuation, portability and hard-use…

US POD BOX Armorer’s Cart

US POD BOX, the original U.S. provider of mobile units to transport supplies and capabilities for multiple professional applications, announces more options to the PODBOX…

ISSC-Austria’s MK22

ISSC-Austria, exclusive importer and distributor of the M22 range pistol, proudly announces the introduction of the ISSC Modern Sporting Rifle: the MK22 in .22 LR….

New QD Mounts from Impact Weapons Components

Impact Weapons Components, LLC line of Mount-N Slot brand of direct attach mounts eliminate the need for 1913 Picatinny rail sections. The quick detach Mont-N-Slot…

Daewoo K11 Advanced Combat Rifle: The Future Has Arrived

Daewoo Precision, maker of the USAS12 combat shotgun, K1 and K2 battle rifles, and the K3 LMG, has manufactured well designed and robust weapon systems. …

The Caracal Pistol: A New Animal for the Firearms Professional

When Small Arms Defense Journal was contacted to see if we were interested in testing the initial batch of Caracal pistols imported into the United…

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5.11 Tactical’s Multicam Clothing

Multicam, the new standard in real-world concealment, is now available from 5.11 Tactical. The 5.11 Multicam Rapid Assault Shirt and 5.11 Tactical Multicam TDU Pant…

Revision’s Sawfly Eyewear System

Revision, leading developer of protective eyewear for military and law enforcement forces worldwide, introduces the completely redesigned Sawfly Military Eyewear System. The new Sawfly Eyewear…

LaserLyte SML

LaserLyte has just announced the expansion of its Side Mount Laser (SML) line to now offer a unit that fits nearly all Smith & Wesson…

Sinclair Tactical Bipod

Adverse conditions in the field place a premium on equipment capable of performing at a high level while withstanding the hard knocks of prolonged daily…

Extreme Shock’s Trauma Readiness Pack

Extreme Shock Ammunition introduces the new TRP, or Trauma Readiness Pack. The TRP is an emergency care pack that offers far more than the traditional…

Laser Ammo’s SureStrike Laser Training System

Laser Ammo, Ltd., manufacturer of the patent pending SureStrike dry fire system, provides the world’s safest and most cost-effective laser marksmanship tools that improve skill…

SIG Sauer P290

SIG Sauer, the leading manufacturer of military, law enforcement, government agency and commercial firearms, introduces the new SIG Sauer P290 sub-compact 9mm pistol. The latest…

Cyclops Nexus HID

Cyclops, an innovator in personal and field lighting solutions, introduces the Nexus HID (high intensity discharge bulb). The Nexus HID is a rechargeable, eye-blistering 3,200…

The Armatac Industries SAW-MAG

The new SAW-MAG from Armatac Industries offers for the first time a reliable and efficient 150-round magazine for the .223/5.56mm rifle. Designed to fit NATO…

Enter the REPR: LWRC Enters the Precision .308 Market

The industry has seen much change over the last 10 to 15 years in caliber as well as weapon revivals. In the mid 1950s the…

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Elite Iron Suppressors

Elite Iron introduces the new Bravo SD, Sierra SD and SEAR sound suppressors.  Based on real world input, the Elite Iron Bravo SD sound suppressor…

The HammerHead Assault Rifle Tool

The Hammerhead Rifle Tool Company released its HammerHead Assault Rifle Tool.  The tool is designed for multiple uses on the AR-15/M16 and M4 as well…

Camelbak’s Squadbak

CamelBak introduces the SquadBak, eliminating the need for awkward and inefficient jerry cans in the field.  Whether hanging in the barracks, an armored vehicle or…

LMT’s Monolithic Rail Platform

At SHOT Show 2004, a new black rifle was introduced that was not just a copy of the standard design that most of the industry…

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The Ohio Ordnance Works M240 Select-Fire Trigger Group

Ohio Ordnance Works Inc. (OOW) in Chardon, Ohio, USA, has been working on machine guns for over three decades and transitioned into government contracting in…

The SIG P522

SIG recently released the SIG P522, a pistol version of the SIG 522 rifle.  Built around the full sized P556 pistol as a guide, the…

The Nikon M-223 Line of Riflescopes

Recognizing the popularity of AR rifles, Nikon developed a new line of riflescopes built to deliver extreme speed, accuracy and shooting confidence.  The M-223 line…

Winchester’s lead-free .223 Remington bullet

Winchester Ammunition is taking varmint hunting to a new level, using fragmenting copper core technology to incorporate a lead-free .223 Remington bullet in the Ballistic…

The Gunvault AR MagVault

GunVault unveiled the AR MagVault, a revolutionary new way to keep an AR rifle secure. The unique design allows the lock to fit within the…

New Products: Volume 2, Number 2

Energizer Two Energizer flashlights have been selected by the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office – Soldier (PEO-Soldier) for inclusion in the Approved Family of Flashlight…

SIG Sauer Raises the Bar with Their New SIG516/517 Rifles

Historically, the annual AUSA Show is not known for debuts of the latest small arms technology.  The big dollar programs like MRAP and Future Combat…

Ruger’s SR-556

At the NRA Show in early 2009, Ruger introduced a new member to their semiautomatic rifle line: the SR-556 – Ruger’s Black Rifle.  When they…

SAAB Light Anti-Tank Weapon (NLAW

Three demonstrations of the Saab New Light Anti-tank Weapon, NLAW, including live firing, were conducted during the summer 2009.  At the same time, deliveries were…

FAL/SA58 Mags (DS Arms)

DSArms, the  world leader in FAL type rifles and accessories, is pleased to offer new US made FAL high capacity magazines. These new steel magazines…

RAAM (Rapid Acquisition Aiming Module)

Vectronix and Wilcox Industries have jointly developed a new weapon sight for stand alone and under-barrel 40mm grenade launchers.  Utilizing a laser range finder, ballistic…

Italy’s Next Generation Rifle: The ARX 160

The authors were invited to attend the presentation ceremony of the new Beretta ARX 160 Assault Rifle from the world’s oldest firearm manufacturer still in…

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Izlid Ultra by B.E. Meyers

The new IZLID® Ultra is the smallest and most rugged 1-Watt IR laser pointer and illuminator. This laser combines the long-range brightness of the IZLID®…

Tactical Training Courses by Thor Global Defense Group

With interest in the firearms industry growing exponentially, increased demand has become apparent for efficient and practical training for shooters of all walks of life….

M240-SLR by Ohio Ordnance Works

It is a rare opportunity to have the ability to own such a close copy of a current General Purpose Machine Gun.  If you are…

The Neopup 20×42 P.A.W.

The primary mission of small arms development is to increase individual hit probability.  New developments in the field of infantry weapons are beginning to focus…

Poland’s Bumar Group

As Poland emerged from the chaotic period after Communism, the country experienced many changes.  Today, we are just a little more than 20 years from…

Nivisys UTAM-32 Thermal Imager

Nivisys Industries has announced their latest development in weapons mountable thermal technology for professional users.  The newly released UTAM-32 incorporates a 320 x 240 U.S….

40mm Automatic Grenade Launchers: Product Improvements and Training Enhancements

US MK19 Mod 3 40x53mm Automatic Grenade Launcher mounted on Vinghog’s soft mount, on the Vinghog High-Low light tripod. The world of 40mm Grenade Machine…

Modern Day Marine 2009: Innovation & Force Modernization

Marines just returned from front-line combat action in Iraq and Afghanistan provide valuable input to exhibitors who are continually seeking new and better ways to…

NDIA 20th Annual Special Operations Symposium

March 2009, Brazil. Soldiers from the elite Ipiranga Special Border Platoon, armed with license-built 7.62mm NATO caliber FAL rifles, march in formation to honor US…

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The LWRC Piston-Operated Carbine

Rochester Police Department Emergency Task Force Operator Henry Favor test fires the LWRC M6A1 rifle. The rifle is equipped with the Magpul CTR Stock, MIAD…

POF-USA’s P-308: a Powerhouse in a PDF-size Package

Chambering the Black Rifle in .308 Win. (7.62x51mm NATO) is anything but a new idea.  From the early ArmaLites to the current selection of workhorse…

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An Insight Into Tactical Flashlights, Laser Sights and Aiming Modules: The High Speed Products of Insight Tech Gear

The face view of the M6X Tactical Illuminator. Shown is the illumination light with the laser off to the side. Throughout the years, flashlights were…

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Gemtech’s 9mm Tundra Suppressor

Weighing in at only 7.2 ounces including the recoil device and with a diameter of only 1.25 inches, the Gemtech Tundra more resembles a rimfire…

The RS8 Sniper Rifle

(English translation of C.G. Haenel’s press release) The traditional Suhl company, Haenel, has created a sniper rifle system for police and special forces use.  The…

New “Slim Rail” Handguards – DoubleStar Corp.

The DS416 handguards are a 2-piece drop-in design that will replace any standard carbine-length handguard with no tools. They are well marked to easily facilitate…

Metal Storm Update

Metal Storm is a radically different concept for weapons and ammunition, the brainchild of a self-educated Australian inventor with brilliant intuition for practical applications in engineering, physics and electronics. Following its genesis in the early 1990s, this novel electronic ballistics technology has suffered from what might charitably be termed unrealistic expectations. Early claims of a rate of fire capability at 1 million rounds per minute inspired some fanciful applications ranging from covert wrist guns to missile defense….

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