3D Scanning by Tilling Consulting

Tilling Corp. is a Tactical Systems and Weapons Design Firm that provides product design and development, 3D scanning and rapid prototyping, for the military, law enforcement, and security industries. They have design capabilities which range from simple components, such as accessory mounts for firearms, to complex vehicle modifications for security applications. 3D CAD models of parts and assemblies are generated and are fully parametric. As a result, revisions can be made quickly to keep up with the changing tactical environment. Tilling Corp. supports more than just the engineering aspect of the business. They also have the capacity to create photo realistic renderings, CGI animations, and export models, which can be used for marketing and manufacturing purposes. Tilling Corp. also performs project management, and can work as a supporting extension of their customer’s capabilities. Tilling Corp. has industry recognized fast turnaround times. This was recently proven by their delivery of three tactical lighting accessory mount designs within one week. Over the past year they have provided the engineering and design work for Black Rain Ordnance’s .308 AR weapon and left handed AR-15. For more information, contact them at www.tillingcorp.com, or phone (714) 824-0174 in the USA.